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This site is currently under construction

hi i'm chris. this site is all about final fantasy 9. there are screen shots, guides, and many other things. i will keep track of how many people are on my site with this counter so please come.



Updates on the site

this site is currently under construction. updates will be added daily. although the site is uncommplete there is still many things on th site you may like. i also have a final fantasy 7, 8, 10, and X2 sites that u might like.

Final fantasy 7

Final fantasy 8

Final fantasy 10

Final fantasy X2

Final Fantasy 12

if you would like to buy this game please try ebay or amazon. i do not sell games from this site. thank you.

Contact me about ideas for the site

 Atention:I understand there isn't much on my site. but if you have any ideas for my site please contact me at the adrees below. Something i could really use are guides for the game. if you have anything like pictures or information for the game send them to me and i am sure i will use them unless i already have them. thank you

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