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Final Fantasy IX guide to disk 1

You will begin the game by watching a spectacular (yet somewhat short) FMV. Once it all ends, you take control of Zidane Tribal, in a dark place. You'll be carrying around a candle, and your objective is to light the bigger candle in the center of the room. But before doing so, check the northwest corner of the room to find 47 Gil. Now search the area across from it (the northeast corner), to find a Potion! Check below where you got the Potion to see a sign that reads:

= M.S. Prima Vista, Theater Ship =

Class: Luxery liner with theater
Tonnage: 8235 tonnes
Guest Capacity: 288
Propulsion: Veil energy
Shipwright: Zebolt Shipyards
Port of Registry: Lindbulm

Now head to the center of the room and light the candle. A large "thing" will enter the room, and you'll begin a mini-boss fight. This fight is really easy, since it's basically a tutorial fight. Before killing off the guy, though, steal all of his items, which include Mage Master and Potion. After the fight, watch the cut-scenes.


You'll begin this segment of the game as Vivi. After the little girl helps you out, you will take control of him. Search to your left to find a Potion, then enter the house to the right. Inside, speak with Grandma, then search the bed to find grandma's savings of 9 Gil. Now search to the right of the ladder to find a Potion, then climb the ladder. Up here, you'll find a Fang Card, then leave the house. Back out here, head north, and you'll find a Potion to the northwest part of the street, and continue north, to where all of the little kids are running to. Once in this part of town, enter the Tavern, and search the southwest part of the room to find a Flan Card, then 27 Gil on the floor near a table. Check the southeast portion of the tavern to find a Potion, and speak to everyone here while you're at it.

Exit the Tavern, and check the grass across from it to find the Goblin Card. Continue into the next part of town (follow the kids), and enter the Shop here. Search it to find 38 Gil on the floor, then speak to the shop owner if you'd like:

Potion: 050 Gil
Phoenix Down: 150 Gil
Antidote: 050 Gil
Eye Drops: 050 Gil
Tent: 800 Gil

Leave the shop, and continue north into the Square, and check out the center ticket booth, and show the ticket master your ticket, and he'll tell you it's a fake, and he'll give you these to cheer you up: Goblin Card, Fang Card, and the Skeleton Card. Check out the sign north of the ticket booth to see that it reads:

= The Three Heroic Knights of Pluto =

This statue was built to commermorate the three knights who fought bravely
in the 15th Lindblum War, in 1601

Now enter the house to the right of this sign, and search the floor to find some Ether. Enter the second room of this shop/house, and read the sign near the guy looking for swords:

= Recuiting New Knights of Pluto Members =

We are always looking for recuits
for the Knights of Pluto in Alexandria Castle!
Come, all you brave young men!
Let us protect the queen, and our
beautiful country, together!

Captain, Knights of Pluto

Exit this shop, and head into the alleyway to the west, near the jumproping girls. By the way, you can jump-rope with them if you wish, as a small mini-game. In the alleyway, watch the little mis-hap, then you will encounter Rat Kid. Speak to him, and tell him your ticket was a fake. He'll then offer to let you see the show if you become his slave. Agree, then watch out for him. Say the coast is clear, and he'll steal the ladder. He runs off, but after he does, Alleyway Jack comes. Speak to him to return to the Tavern, and to learn the card game. When you are finished, return to the alleyway, and head the way the Rat Kid run off earlier with the ladder.

Continue to follow him into the next area, and try to climb the ladder. As you do, a moogle named Kupo falls down on you. Climb up the ladder when told to, then follow Rat Kid along the roof-tops. Along the way, he'll ask you your name, so name Vivi. After the road across the roofs is over, you'll both enter the castle to watch the play. Enjoy the awesome cut-scenes.

After it all ends, you'll pick up play as Zidane and the others in a fight on stage. You can't steal, so just take out the two outer goons first, then attack King Leo in the center. After enough damage, he'll retreat. Watch some more cut-scenes, until you engage in a swordfight with someone (Blank) near the audience. He'll give you random commands (like Square, or Up), and you'll need to follow them as accurately as possible. The more accurate you do them, the more audience members (out of 100, plus the Queen herself) will be pleased and impressed with your performance. The higher the number of audience members impressed and the Queen, the more Gil they will shower you with. The highest I've gotten was: 97/100 members impressed, plus the Queen was quite impressed, and they showered me with 873 Gil.

You'll regain control of Zidane in the Castle after the play has ended. Climb the stairs, and watch the cut-scene as the Princess runs away. After all of the cut-scenes have ended, you'll take control of Steiner, the soldier. Head north of the stairway, and enter the balcony. Speak to the soldiers, then head downstairs, then run right of the screen to enter the library. Check out the bookshelf which reads:

§ Ice Cavern, Alexandria §

A natural cavern overrun
with everlasting ice.

Exit the library, then enter the room to the right of the stairs, and into the next library, and check out the northern bookshelf which reads:

§ Village of Dali, Alexandria §

A farming village near
the Lindbulm border.

Return to where you began as Steiner, and head through the door that is across from the stairway, and into the dressing room of the Knights. Tell the two Knights to get going, then save your game with the Moogle in here. Now check out the list near the door that reads:

Knights of Pluto Register

I. Captain Steiner (or whatever you named Steiner)
II. Blutzen
III. Kohel
IV. Laudo
V. Dojebon
VI. Breireicht
VII. Weimar
VIII. Haagen
IX. Mullenkedheim

Sorta ironic who it only lists "IX" soldiers eh? ;) Return to the Queen on the outer balcony, and get the Silk Shirt from her. Re-enter the castle, and go downstairs to the room that leads to the library, but instead of heading left or right, run TOWARDS the screen, and exit the castle. Run forward, and speak to the knights here, then head south and speak to the knight near the water. Tell him to go search for the princess, then head west of the fountains to find two conversating Knights. Speak to them, then enter the castle here, and run up the stairs, past the guard, and onto the balcony.

Watch the funny FMV, then you'll take over as Zidane. Follow the Princess, speak to her in the next room, then follow her again down the stairs. Watch the cut-scenes, then once you are in the lower-part of the ship, enter the door near the Princess to meet up with Steiner, and engage in battle with him. Begin by stealing his Leather Hat, and Silk Shirt. Now just beat him down until the fight ends. Continue to watch the cut-scenes, and fight Steiner once more. After it all ends, you'll end up crashed-up in a forest, and the Princess is missing. It's up to you to find her.

Watch the A.T.E. that the Moogle points out to you to see both Vivi and the Princess somewhere else in the forest. Save your game with the Moogle, then check near the ship to find a Phoenix Down. Now run south of the Moogle, and enter the Evil Forest.

Enter the forest, and head east to the next screen to find Vivi, and a monster who has taken the Princess hostage. You'll begin a fight with the Prison Cage enemy.

Prison Cage

Level: 06, HP: 513
Weak against: Fire, Spoils: Phoenix Downs, Potion
: 03, Steal: Leather Wrist, Broadsword
This mini-boss battle isn't too hard, but it's up to you to keep the Princess alive by healing her every so often with a Potion. Why? Because the Prison Cage holds her hostage, and it'll use Absorb, which takes HP from her, and uses it to heal itself. Try to heal her whenever her HP drops below 20 HP. After enough damage, the Prison Cage will run away, taking the Princess with it.

Watch the cut-scene, then fight another Prison Cage that holds Vivi hostage. Use the same tactics as before, but this time, you shouldn't have to heal Vivi, since he'll cast Fire on the Prison Cage, which will make this fight a snap. The Prison Cage will poison Vivi and Steiner before it dies, and you'll end up back in the Ship. When you regain control of Zidane, check out the hidden chest near the globe for some Bronze Gloves. Now head south of the Globe to activate a few A.T.E's:

The Escape: Steiner is trapped in a room (still), and he wishes to escape. He tries to think of a way to get out, but alas, it doesn't work. He still doesn't feel too good, so he sits down. As he does this, he finds a ragged doll that says 'Princess Garnet, age 15', and he freaks out, saying how could someone put her name on such a ragged doll, and that the Princess is 16, not 15.

The Girl Who was Left Behind: This one shows a girl by the name of Ruby, who is all alone way back at the Tavern in Alexandria. She's wondering where "everybuddy" went, and she doesn't know what to do now that nobody is around.

My Little Baby: This one shows Cinna outside of the crashed ship, and he's looking for something. He curses a few times, and keeps looking for his Garnet doll. He wonders how in the world he's supposed to sleep now, and thinks that it probably caught fire in the crash.

After watching these ATEs, you'll take control of Zidane once more. Run down the stairs, and talk to the two people down here to learn about Vivi, and the Evil Forest. Before checking up on Vivi, search the chest to the left of the stairs to find a Wrist. Now run right, and enter the door, and into the room where Vivi is sleeping. In here, check the chest near the door for some Ether, then speak with Vivi. Now climb the ladder of the bunk-bed, and you'll find 116 Gil at the top! Leave the room.

Out here, watch the short flashback, then choose to save the Princess. Speak with the person in red, then head through the door behind him/her. In here, search the chest to find some more Ether, then head down the stairs, and into the room with the 2 people. Search the northwest part of the room to find a Rubber Helm. Now enter the eastern door to speak with Baku, the boss. After speaking with him, search the chest to find a Potion, then go back the way Baku left. Ignore him momentarily, then head south and into the next room. Go right and search the chest for a Leather Hat, then return to Baku, and fight him.


Level: N/A, HP: 500+, Weak against: N/A, Spoils: N/A
: N/A, Steal: Iron Helm
This is another mini-boss fight, and it isn't all that hard. Start off by stealing an item from him (I got a Hi-Potion), then go off and begin to actually attack him. Every few of his turns he'll trip, and give you an extra attack. You shouldn't have to heal yourself in this fight, since it's so easy.

After the fight, speak with the people around you, then head back up the stairs, and enter the chamber where Steiner is. Talk to him, and after you exit the room, re-enter it, and search the chest for an Ether. Now head back to the room where Vivi lies. After the conversation, return to where you fought Baku, then head south, and into the room where you got the Leather Hat earlier. You will receive Blank's Medicine after you meet up with Blank in this room, and he'll give you this tip:

Don't forget to
set your _abilities_.

Leaving the band is your business,
but you better keep training!
Learning more abilities is
gonna make you even stronger.

Good luck,

You'll end up back outside, where you can shop with Cinna:

Potion: 050 Gil
Phoenix Down: 150 Gil
Antidote: 050 Gil
Eye Drops: 050 Gil
Tent: 800 Gil

Now head south, and run to where you met up with Vivi in the Evil Forest (where you first fought the Prison Cage enemy). This will activate an A.T.E:

Orchestra in the Forest: This shows what is going on back at the Ship, with the band and a conductor. They all want to liven the place up, and make their music do the fighting against the monsters. As they begin, Baku comes downstairs, and says that he's gonna go take a look around, and he'll be right back...

When the ATE ends, head north, and into the hole and run downwards. Now run forward, and go east up the ramp, and into the next area with a Moogle, and a spring. This will bring up an automatic ATE:

Do as I say, Not as I do: This one shows Blank and Baku talking to each other on the ship. He gives Blank a map, and says it's gonna be a long trip back to Lindblum.

Drink out of the spring if you wish, to restore your HP and MP of your entire party, and use the Moogle to save if you want. Now head east, and onto the next screen. Now run north across a few screens, until you reach the Princess, who is being held hostage by a giant, redish plant.

Plant Brain

Level: 07, HP: 533, Weak against: Fire, Spoils: Phoenix Downs, Potion
: 05, Steal: Eye Drops, Iron Helm
Plant Brain isn't all that hard, but he can become tiresome eventually. He uses attacks like Pollen, and Thunder which can cause damage to either one individual, or the entire party. It's best to steal some Eye Drops with Zidane first, then attack, and to use Sword Magic as Steiner repeatily. Also, Black Magic (Fire) as Vivi works very well, but not quite as well as Steiner's Sword Magic (Fire Sword) attacks. Beware though, your chances of connecting with a physical attack is slim to none, and slim just skipped town. ;) After enough damage, Blank will enter the fight, and help you out, and finish off the Plant Brain.

When the fight ends, you'll find that the entire forest is chasing after you. Along the way out, you'll be forced to fight off a few plants, but it's not hard at all. Continue running forward until the game takes over, and a kick-ass FMV starts. After the cut-scenes end, a Moogle will enter, and start an automatic ATE:

"Teach me, Mogster!" Lesson 1: This ATE shows two Moogles near a swamp, and the older brother (Mogster) will teach him several neat things including:

· Help Menu
· Battles Abilities
· Trance Icon that appears over the head
· Save Moogles
· Nothing.

Learn all that you can (or need to learn), then return to the game. Monty the Moogle will give you the Moogle's Flute. You'll exit out onto the Mist Continent world map. Run forward, and head north (according to your map), until you reach the Ice Cavern (the blue wall of ice near the side of the cave). Enter it.

Upon entering the Cavern, check the first chest for a Tent, then run north, and onto the next screen. Take the northwestern path first, and run north to the odd wall at the top of the screen. Vivi will break it with his magic, revealing a chest containing Elixir. Take it, then run down to the chest in the southeast corner of this room and get the Potion inside. Now examine the icicle near this chest, and Vivi will make it crash down, allowing you to access the chest below. Take the Mage Masher from inside, then run to the next screen to the northeast. Take the Phoenix Down from the chest here, then run to the west to find another wall that Vivi can break through. Take the new path south to the chest containing Leather Wrist, then go back north, and follow the path out of the northern doorway.

On the next screen, take the left-hand path, and un-freeze the Moogle in the next room. He'll scream at you, and even call you some bastards!!! Geez. This will activate another automatic ATE:

"Teach me, Mogster!" Lesson 2: You'll return to the swamp with Moggy and Mogster, the two brother Moogles. This time, here is what he'll teach you:

· Help Menu
· Battles
· Abilities
· Trance
· Icon that appears over your head
· Save Moogles
· Status Effects (NEW!)
· Elemental Properties (NEW!)
· Card Game (NEW!)

Save your game with the Moogle if you wish, then return to the previous screen, and take the right-hand path this time. Watch the cut-scene, then walk towards the ringing-sound you just heard to meet Black Waltz No. 1.

Black Waltz No. 1 & Sealion

Black Waltz · Level: 02, HP: 229
Weak against: Fire, Spoils: Hi-Potion, Phx. Down
: 05, Steal: Remedy, Silk Shirt

Sealion · Level
: 02, HP: 472
Weak against
: Fire, Spoils: Hi-Potion, Phx. Down
: 05, Steal: Ether, Mythril Dagger
This is the first semi-difficult boss battle so far in the game. You have to fight 2 enemies: Black Waltz No. 1, and Sealion, the enemy he summoned. Waltz will attack you and heal Sealion at the same time (he attacks mainly with Blizzard and Fire), so it's a very good idea to defeat him first, that way, Sealion won't be healed. Sealion has a colored ball on his chest; it starts out as blue, but as you damage him, it changes to yellow, then red. He attacks with various methods of attack, like Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Tsunami, and others. Keep up your HP, because it's just you against him. Eventually, Trance SHOULD take over Zidane, so the rest of the battle should be a sinch.

After the battle, you hear that Black Waltz No. 2 and 3 will reclaim the Princess...hmmm...odd. Anyways, watch the cut-scenes, then run north, and into the room where you fought Black Waltz No. 1, and climb the snowy ramp. Now head all the way to the top, through the doorway, and back outside to exit the Mist. From the Ice Cavern, simply run straight ahead until you reach the town of Dali.

As you enter the Village of Dali, Vivi wants to see the Windmill, but Zidane insists that they all rest up first. There will be a cut-scene that comes in and the party will all get some rest. As you awaken, you will hear someone singing, and a few ATEs will start:

Vivi, Confused: In this ATE, Vivi explores the Village by himself, only to be confronted by a few snot-nosed kids, who upon seeing him, run away, and avoid him. Vivi becomes saddened by this, since whenever he attempts to walk towards them, they run away.

Garnet Tries: See below...

After the ATE ends, you'll regain control of Zidane. Search the chest in the room to find an Antidote. Now read the bookshelf to see:

Dali Inn Library

* For your reading pleasure *

How to Save One Million Gil
Earn Money the Easy Way
Makin' Crazy Money! Vol. 2

Zidane says these books suck...heh. Check the west side of the room to find a Color Fortune, and pay 10 Gil to get your Omen:

Good Omen
A good day filled with
many of life's simple pleasures.


A nice breeze will greet you
as you step out.
You will make new friends
and replace a lost item
with a new one.


Be yourself and let
good fortune come to you.

Your lucky color for today is "green"!

Want to buy a gem in your lucky color?
We have all colors!

@ @ @ @

Come visit our store in Lindblum's
Theater District! We're located near
the air cab terminal. Look for the
big clock!

Check the hidden chest near the Color Fortune machine to get a Potion, then head out of the room, and into the lobby to activate the second ATE that you could not see earlier:

Garnet Tries: This ATE shows Garnet the Princess (who now has a new name, thanks to you, who changed it) in a small garden with some pumpkins and a scarecrow. She's wondering about the state of the Castle, and if it's okay, since there was quite a ruckus there earlier. She starts to sob, and says that her mother went too far (the Queen), and that she didn't have to fire at the ship, even if it was to rescue her. She also wonders how many people got hurt in the whole ordeal, then she meets up with an Old Lady. The Old Lady begins to kill the bugs on the crops, and as Garnet watches her, an oglop pops out of the crops, and the Old Lady notices that she likes oglops, when most girls hate them. So, in an attempt to blend in, she acts like she hates them, and screams.

Check out the table in the lobby to see what the menu says for the breakfast service is...

* Dali Inn's Breakfast Service! *

A delicious breakfast for 20 Gil!

- Cold Water, fresh from the well
- Fresh scrambled eggs
- Vegetables, fresh from the farm

* This is a sample menu. *

Leave the Inn, and outside, you'll activate yet another ATE:

Cat's Eye: This ATE shows a cat as he hops off the fireplace, and onto the desk of the receptionist inside of the Inn. The Innkeeper is stumped on what he should do. He says that he doesn't wanna give in to his brother, but everyone else is makin' money 'cept him. He then finds out who that "traveling customer" was, and says that he won't have to give hin if he tells him about them, as the cat watches.

Once the ATE ends, head into the shop across from the Inn, and do a bit of shopping with Shopkeeper Eve:

Dagger: 320 Gil
Mage Masher: 500 Gil
Broadsword: 330 Gil
Iron Sword: 660 Gil
Rod: 260 Gil
Mage Staff: 320 Gil
Wrist: 130 Gil
Leather Wrist: 200 Gil
Bronze Gloves: 480 Gil
Leather Hat: 150 Gil
Feather Hat: 200 Gil
Rubber Helm: 250 Gil
Bronze Helm: 330 Gil
Leather Shirt: 270 Gil
Silk Shirt: 400 Gil
Bronze Armor: 650 Gil

I strongly suggest picking up anything here that you DO NOT already have (the only thing here that you shouldn't already have is the Iron Sword, so be sure to pick one up). Read the paper on the table near the door here for some useful information:

- Useful Information -

Think before equipping your new weapon
and armor!

Check to see if you are about to
learn a new ability.

It's up to you whether you equip the
new item right away or wait until
you've learned the abilities, but if
you are short of money, please remember
that we also buy items!

- Product Information -

Press SELECT to see detailed
information on our products.

For example, you'll see that our famous
Mage Masher has an
added silence effect.

You need an 'Add Status' ability
to use added status effects.

- Hobby Info -

Do you play cards?

My theory is that the first number
written on the card represents the
card's attack power.
The third number and fourth number are
probably defense power. I still don't
know what the second character means.
Please Press [Square] to play a game with me.

by Eve Subboard

With this done, head back outside, and run north a bit, and check the wall near the Shop to find 120 Gil on the ground. Keep running a bit north to notice a wheel large enough for an airship...hmmm. Cool. Anyways, enter the house above the shop, and meet Mayor Kapu. He tells you off right away, and that he's busy. Whatever. Feh. Anyways, leave, and run north to find Vivi staring at the windmill, and listen to Zidane show off how much of a ladies' man he is in Lindblum. You two will both hear the sound of chocobos, but Vivi has no idea what they are...then someone kidnaps him! Great, just great. Anywho, two more ATEs begin:

Cat's Eye 2: This one shows the Innkeeper again, but this time, he's happy about something. He laughs, and he says that he "sent someone to pick it up right away". He also says that he'll have to keep quiet until the guests leave, and pretend that he's asleep.

Garnet Tries Harder: This one shows Garnet in the Weapons Shop with Eve, and she's there to speak with Eve, and learn how common folk speak, but then some kid comes in and interrupts her.

Head to the Weapons Shop now that you know Garnet is there, and speak with her. Agree with her when you have choices to make in dialoge (or at least say the stuff that is the nicest). Return to the Inn, and talk to Garnet in the room to activate an automatic ATE:

Queen Brahne's Steiner: This one shows Steiner inside of some place in the village, helping out Dutiful Daughter Slai. He's helping her so she'll introduce him to some of the adults in the village, but she tells him that the adults don't come there during the day. He then asks her what the main port of transportation is in the village, because there is someone he must escort to the castle. She tells Steiner to go to the observatory at the top of a mountain along the outskirts of village, and that an old man named Morrid lives there. He apparently takes care of the cargo ship.

Head to the Pub in the north part of town, and talk Slai. Next, check out the menu for future reference (it's to the left of her):


1. Pickles: 8 Gil
2. Vegetable stir-fry: Out of Stock
3. Pumpkin Salad: Out of Stock
4. Dried potatoes: 4 Gil
5. Kabobs: 10 Gil
6. Lindblum pickles: 8 Gil


*We sell Medicine

Medicine Menu:

Potion: 050 Gil
Phoenix Down: 150 Gil
Antidote: 050 Gil
Eye Drops: 050 Gil
Tent: 800 Gil

Also read her Drink Menu:


1. Black Ale: 5 Gil
2. White Ale: 8 Gil
3. Red wine: 7 Gil
4. White wine: 9 Gil
5. Water: 1 Gil
6. Gysahl liqueur: 11 Gil


Exit the Pub, and return to the left where you first found Vivi, and you'll hear a sound of a Chocobo. You'll then see that Vivi is trapped underground, and that "they told him to stay there". You must find a way to get to him. Head into the windmill to the left of where Vivi lies, and check the back of the room for Aries. Check the door to see that you need Mayor's Key to open it. Examine the steel hole that is in the southern part of the room, and open it. Go down the ladder.

Once down there, hop off the ladder, take the tiny elevator, and open the chest to find 156 Gil. Now run north to find a Chocobo, Vivi, and his captors. Enter the small shed near the chocobo to find some Potion inside of the chest, then open the chest outside of it for some Eye Drops. Go through the next door, and speak to the Moogle in the barrel, and save your game. Hop up the crates in the back of this room, and open the first chest for some Ether. Hop back down, and check out the rope near the next door, and Kick It to lower another chest. Open it for some Potion, then head through the next door.

In here, climb up the small steps, and make your way across the crates to a chest containing an Iron Helm. Check out the chest on the floor for a Leather Wrist, then head through the northern door. You'll find a large machine, and Vivi inside of a large box. Before checking out the large machine, open the chest near it for 95 Gil. Now use the path next to the machine making eggs, enter the next room, then enter the room after that to learn something shocking! Watch the cut-scenes, then you'll take over as Steiner.

Run down the mountain and follow Morrid down the mountain, and into his hut. After finding out when the Cargo ship gets there, run out of the house, and onto the field where the Cargo ship is. Once you are near the large barrel, poke it with your sword to draw out Zidane, Vivi, and Garnet. They are about to board the ship, but as they do, Black Waltz No. 2 appears.

Black Waltz No. 2

Level: 06, HP: 1028
Weak against: Fire, Spoils: Ether, Zagnohl Card
: 05, Steal: Steepled Hat, Leather Plate
This guy's mission is to take the Princess back to the castle, and he won't stop at anything to accomplish it, either. He is tougher to defeat than Black Waltz No. 1 was, but this time, he's alone. The fact that most of his attacks attack the entire party really hurts you overall. You'll need to use a few Phoenix Downs, as well as a few potions on your party members. He casts things like Teleport, Fire, and Thunder, so watch out. Revive anyone that becomes KO'd, because you need all of the power you can get.

Now at this time, you can either choose to Depart, or to rest at the Inn. Choose to rest, that way, you can further explore the Village before you head off. Explore what you want to in the Village, and when you are ready, go back to the ship, and depart. Once on the ship, head up the ladder, and talk to Steiner. Afterwards, enter the western cabin, and you'll turn the ship around, towards Lindblum. In the midst of the confusion, Black Waltz No. 3 appears, and kills off many of the Mage dolls. Enjoy the awesome FMV that shows. When you are ready, head out onto the deck to fight Black Waltz No. 3.

Black Waltz No. 3

Level: 07, HP: 1028
Weak against: Thunder, Spoils: None
: 05, Steal: Linen Cuirass, Steepled Hat, Silver Gloves
For some strange reason, Black Waltz No. 3 is somewhat easier to defeat than his previous counterpart was. I'm not sure why, but he doesn't attack you very often, and even when he does attack, it's not all that potent. Anywho, by this time, Vivi should have reached Trance-state, so be sure to cast Fire x 2 on Waltz, and use Steiner's Fire Sword and Blizzard Sword. You shouldn't have to use any Potions, Ethers, or Phoenix Downs in this fight if you rested up back in the Village Inn earlier. Repeat the process of casting spells on him to cause him to run off.

After he runs off, a series of in-game cut-scenes begin, as well as a few FMVs that pretty much blew me away, and made me cheer for, you'll know what I mean when you see it for yourself.

When you first enter the Castle, all of your party members are marveled at it's sheer size! A few soldiers enter, and give you the run-around, but when the Princess shows them tha Falcon Claw emblem, they call in Minister Artania, who is the Princess's uncle! Follow him through the first room, past the 2 guards, and onto the lift. He explains the levels of Lindblum to you, and where you can go, and where you cannot. Apparently you are going off to meet Regent Cid, who is very wise, and always thinks ahead. When you meet him, you'll find that he's been turned into an oglop, and his wife was abducted.

Soon after, you'll enter a pub as Zidane, and meet up with Freya, a new party member (since you are naming her...). Eventually, after many cut- scenes, an ATE will begin:

Teach me, Mogster! (My first synthesis lesson): Back we go to the swamp with Mogster, and this time, the new thing he'll teach you about is the Synthesis Shops. You can also read up on the previous lessons as well.

Once that ends, save your game with the Moogle, then head downstairs, and into the lobby. Read the sign on the bird statue near the stairs:

= Bobo Bird Statue =

Bobo Birds are symbols of good
fortune, according to an Olgan myth.

The founder of this inn bought
the statue, and it has been passed
down for generations.

Leave the Inn, and an ATE will begin:

Small-Town Knight in a Big City: In this ATE, it shows Steiner in the middle of Lindblum, saying how large it is, and that he's completely lost. He speaks to a Female Red Mage, and asks how to return back to the castle, and she just laughs at him. She also tells him how he should get rid of his armor, because of how disgusting it is. He then speaks to an old lady, and she shows him some pickles, he falls over, yells, but then states that they are rather good.

After the ATE, run across the street, and attempt to enter the shop, and another ATE will begin:

Vivi's Shopping: It shows Vivi inside of a shop, stating how "good a nut smells". Wow. Ahem, anyways, he begins to look around the shop, saying all kinds of stuff about the food, and reads this sign:

= Alice's Item Shop =

Festival of the Hunt Sale ends today!

When Vivi tries to check out, Alice asks him if he is friends with the Moogles, since he's buying a Kupo Nut, which are the Moogles' favorite food. She lets him have it for free, and Vivi receives the Kupo Nut. She tells him that the up- coming festival has animals in it, and Vivi gets excited and runs off. After he leaves, Alice says something about "what's so fun about fighting savage beasts...?"

After the ATE, Zidane will be in the Aircab area, so read the schedule on the wall:

= Provisional Air Cab Scedule =

For the next 3 days, air cabs
will operate on the Festival
of the Hunt schedule.

Air Cab Management

Head back out onto the street, and run north, and into the area where the lady sells Gysha Pickles. Enter the house to the north of her, and speak to the Card Game Freak, and read the note on the bookshelf:

= Card Collector No. 7 =

Feature Article: Regarding Rare Cards

Rare cards are priceless!
The cards you're carrying
could become rare cards...

Fabool Publications

There are also two chests in here: One with a Hi-Potion, and the other contain- ing an Echo Screen. Now leave the house, and take the northeastern path, and to the part of town with a fountain. Enter the Weapons Shop to the northeast of the fountain:

Dagger: 320 Gil
Mage Masher: 500 Gil
Mythril Dagger: 950 Gil
Iron Sword: 660 Gil
Javelin: 880 Gil
Rod: 260 Gil
Fork: 1100 Gil
Mage Staff: 320 Gil
Wrist: 130 Gil
Leather Wrist: 200 Gil
Glass Armlet: 250 Gil
Bronze Gloves: 480 Gil
Silver Gloves: 720 Gil
Steepled Hat: 260 Gil
Headgear: 330 Gil
Iron Helm: 450 Gil
Linen Cuirass: 800 Gil

Now leave, and enter the Medicine Shop to the left of the Weapons Shop:

Potion: 050 Gil
Phoenix Down: 150 Gil
Echo Screen: 050 Gil
Soft: 100 Gil
Antidote: 050 Gil
Eye Drops: 050 Gil
Tent: 800 Gil

Head to the left of the Medicine Shop, and enter the Synthesis shop:

Butterfly Sword (Requires Dagger, Mage Masher): 300 Gil
The Ogre (Requires Mage Masher): 700 Gil
Cotton Robe (Requires Wrist, Steepled Hat): 1000 Gil
Desert Boots (Requires Leather Hat, Leather Shirt): 300 Gil
Yellow Scarf (Requires Feather Hat, Steepled Hat): 400 Gil
Glass Buckle (Requires Glass Armlet, Leather Wrist): 500 Gil

I suggest forging either a Butterfly Sword and/or The Ogre when you are here. Return to the part of town where the Pickle lady is, and this time, take the northwestern path instead. Run north, and enter the churh. Speak with everyone here, then climb the ladder to find a Leather Plate on the catwalk above. Leave the church, and veer right near the trees to find a hidden Tent. Return to the Air Cab Station (it's across from the Inn), and ride the Air Cab to [Theater Disctrict]. Exit the air cab area in the Theater District to activate an ATE:

Steam Engine: This one shows Steiner lost once again, looking for the Princess. He whines about the size of the City, then asks someone where he is, and the old man tells him that he is on the bridge that links the castle and the docks. He points out the Hilde Garde 2, which is an airship that can run without Mist, since it has a steam engine.

Exit the air cab station after the ATE, and run south, and check out the bushes to find 127 Gil. Enter the house near the Gil, and open the chest here to find some Ore. Leave the house, and run southwest, down the ramp. Head into the clocktower to your left, and watch a small cut-scene, and an ATE:

What can I do?: This one shows Garnet in a bedroom, hearing the bell sound. As she tries to leave to go look around, the Elite Guard won't allow her to do so. Because of the Festival of the Hunt, the town is chaotic, making securtiy rather difficult. He tells her it's for her safety...

Afterwards, Bunce and Lucella enter the scene, and talk to Zidane. They tell you to go see the Princess at the Castle. Before leaving, open up the various chests in here to get: 68 Gil, 282 Gil, and 97 Gil! Climb the ladder, and take the Mini-Burmecia from the bed. Leave the clock area, and an ATE will start:

Baku and His Crew: This ATE shows Baku and the others as they found a way out of the Evil Forest before it got petrified. They did this because Blank showed them a river before he gave the map to Zidane. Marcus wants to save his brother, Blank from the Evil Forest, but Baku thinks it's a better idea to let the Evil Forest stay petrified. They begin to find a way to get the forest un-petrified.

Run down the stairs, and talk to the Fan Club Chairmen to watch some short cut-scene, then read the info on the wall about this theater:

= Fuegert Memorial Theater =

We proudly present 'Moogle Wannabe 2':
performed by Zalwicks Company,
the company that gave a stellar
rendition of 'I Wish I Were a Chocobo.'

Lowell Bridges plays Ubobo

A Giant Moogle will run off (Moogle Man), so follow him back to the Air Cab Station, but instead of going there, enter the house across from the Station to find Lowell. He'll give you an Autograph if you speak to him. Go to the station, and fly to the [Industrial District].

Head up the stairs in the back of the area when you exit the station, and enter the Doom Pub. Read the notice in the back of the pub:

= Airship Engineer Daily Report =

Hilde Garde 2 construction postponed!

The prototype steam engine on board
the Hilde Garde 2 is inoperative.
The engine problem stems from errors
during the manufacturing period.

Exit the pub, and run north to the house where Lindruff is building a prototype steam engine. Run up the stairs, and check the two chests to find a Mimic Card, and a Steepled Hat. Okay, nothing else to do here, so return to the Air Cab station, and fly to the [Lindblum Castle].

Exit the station, climb the red stairs, then go south down the red carpet. In the room with the fountain, enter the northeastern doorway, and enter the bedroom with Steiner, where you'll find out that the Princess is missing. After he runs off, take this time to search the chests in the room for the following items: Glass Armlet, Ether, and a Moogle save point.

Return to the room with the fountain, and you'll hear Garnet singing from upstairs. You must find a way to disguise yourself as a guard to get to the lift, and to find her. Go back to the room that leads to the Princess' room (where you met Steiner), and head down the stairs, and speak to the sleeping guard to wake him up. Zidane will lure him into her room, and will beat him up, and take his disguise. Return to the fountain room, and run past the guard who is near the lift. He'll let you pass, so enter the lift.

At the top of the lift, go left, and up the stairs to enter the gear room. Talk to the Worker to find out that the Princess just went upstairs, so head up there. Continue up the next few sets of stairs until a FMV kicks in, and you find her. Watch the series of cut-scenes, until the Festival of the Hunt starts:

= Festival of the Hunt =

Hunters, on your mark! Ferocious beasts
swarm about the castle town!

The bigger the catch,
the higer the score!


= Festival of the Hunt =

The time limit is 12 minutes.
Use air cabs to go to other districts.
Once you lose in a battle,
you will be forced to retire.

The winner will be crowned Master Hunter
and receive the hunter's reward.
Who will come out on top!?

The point of the Festival of the Hunt is to kill as many of the roaming monsters that you can in under 12 minutes. Here are some approximate point values:

Trick Sparrow: 4-10 Points
Fang: 15-23 Points
Squirrel: 10-20 Points

If you want to guarantee yourself a victory, simply find as many Fangs as you can, be sure to have The Ogre weapon equipped, then head to the Business District, then take the northeast path to find the largest monster:

Zagnhol (Worth over 200 Points): You'll fight this monster alongside with Freya. Simply attack it until it dies. It has a few attacks that can do over 100 HP of damage, but your Ogre weapon, and physical attack can do well over 500 HP of damage to him. If you kill him, you get all of the points, and Freya gets none.

By the way, my highest score so far has been: 215 Hunting Points. If you win as Zidane, you'll receive the Master Hunter, and 5000 Gil as a reward. As you receive your reward, a Burmecian Soldier enters, and tells of something terrible happening to the city of Burmecia. After everything ends, and you take control of Zidane, exit the room, go downstairs, and take the lift to [Base Level], then take the left-hand car to [Dragon's Gate]. Speak with the Moogle, and you'll find a new letter. Save your game, then speak with the shop-man near the Moogle before you go:

Potion: 050 Gil
Phoenix Down: 150 Gil
Echo Screen: 050 Gil
Soft: 100 Gil
Antidote: 050 Gil
Eye Drops: 050 Gil
Tent: 800 Gil

He also has a letter that you can read. Head out the Dragon Gate, and onto the World Map. Head north, and you will eventually find Qu's Marsh. Enter it.

Once here, run north, and you'll find the two Moogles whom you've learned much about the game from a few ATEs earlier. Speak to them to learn where the Grotto is (they say it's further north), and you can also re-learn the stuff they taught you earlier. After speaking with them, continue north, through the tall grass, and into the area where a Qu is trying to catch a frog. Catch a frog yourself by standing near one, then pressing "X" to catch it. Now speak with Qu, and name "it". Watch the cut-scene, and agree to let him join you and your party.

Watch the rest of the cut-scenes to advance the story, then you can play a small, frog-catching mini-game here. Simply catch as many frogs as you can, and try to get the Gold Frog too. Soon, someone will enter, and give you some Ore for catching 2 Frogs. If you catch 5 Frogs, Quale will enter and give you some Ether. The basic rundown in as follows:

2 Frogs: Ore
5 Frogs: Ether
9 Frogs: Silk Robe

When you're all done, exit the Marsh, and back onto the World Map. Head north some more, and you'll find Gizamaluke's Grotto to your left, in the side of a mountain.

Enter the Grotto, and turn right and speak with the downed soldier. He'll give you the Gizamaluke Bell. Take it, then go and take the right-hand path, and Ring the Bell on the door to open it. Enter the door. When you enter, you'll be forced to fight against two black mages, but the fight is fairly easy. Each time you fight a pair of Black Mages, you'll get a Gizamaluke's Bell, which is used to open up the doors with bells on them. Now enter the large, northern door with a Bell, and help the Moogle by giving her the Kupo Nut. When they run off, open the chest to get a Gizamaluke Bell.

If you enter the door in this room, you'll find the Moogles, and you can save if you want to here. If you tell one of the Moogles that you like Kupo Nuts, then when you try to leave, she'll give you the Holy Bell! Leave the save room, and take the stairway to the southeast of where you saved the Moogles, and follow the path to the north. Along the way, take the Magus Hat from underneath the stairs. Now go back to the opened chest, and use the bell to open the door to the left of the chest, and be sure your party is healed up, and you have plenty of potions, elixers, and Phoenix Downs upon entering this room.


Level: 16, HP: 3175, Weak against: Thunder, Spoils: Tent(s)
: 05, Steal: Elixir, Ice Staff, Magus Hat
This boss is probably the toughest boss in the game so far, because he has at least over 2000 HP of health, and his attacks can do some serious damage. He uses magical attacks like Fire, as well as Water, which can hurt your party badly. If you have the Ogre as Zidane, use it to cast Soul Blade, and blind him. You should also use Vivi's Thunder attacks against him, and Freya's Jumping Spear attack too. You WILL need to use plenty of Potions, and Phoenix Downs in this fight, so be ready for it.

After the fight ends, you take over as Steiner in Grand Citadel South Gate.

 Run up the stairs as Steiner, and talk to the guards. Enter the area, and talk to the woman to your right, and choose to Console her to get her out of your way. Now speak to the man to the south of that woman, and get him to move. When the coast is clear, attempt to head into the alleyway, but as you do, the short guard gives you the Gate Pass. Enter the alley, let her change, then enter the next part of the city, and talk to the old lady ahead of you to shop:

Potion: 050 Gil
Phoenix Down: 150 Gil
Echo Screen: 050 Gil
Soft: 100 Gil
Antidote: 050 Gil
Eye Drops: 050 Gil
Tent: 800 Gil

Open up the chest to the west of the small shop to get a Potion, then save your game with the Moogle near it. Now head up the northern stairs, and show the man your Gate Pass, and depart onto the train. Choose a seat on the train to depart. Watch the cut-scenes, and when you take over as Zidane on the World Map, run north to enter Bermecia.

Run forward to the north, and onto the next screen. Fight the two Black Mages that are sent upon you, then enter the door to your left. Open the two chests to find Soft and a Potion. Now leave the room, and run east, and into the door there. In here, check the chest in the rear (near the stairs) to find a Soft, then run up the stairs. Now IGNORE the chest by the doorway, because it's a fake chest, and it'll start a fight if you touch it. Enter the doorway at the top of the stairs, and attempt to run to the next chest. The floor will fall down, so exit back outside, enter the room where you found the two chests, and climb the stairs. Now run across the floor that just fell down, and IGNORE the chest near the doorway, and enter it.

Check around the room, and exit out onto the balcony. Talk to the Bermecian Soldier in the bedroom, then open the hidden chest in the back of the room to get some Ether. Now search under the bed to get the Protection Bell, then leave the room, go back outside, east and up the stairs, back inside, up the stairs again, and through the western doorway to get back outside again. Ring the bell in front of this door to shatter it, then enter it.

Run up the large stairs, and enter the northern doorway. Watch the cut-scene, then climb the right-hand stairs, and enter the doorway to your left. Search the two chests for a Tent and a Phoenix Down, then run around the path, to the other side, and enter the northern door. Now enter the lefthand brown door, and Freya will take the Mythril Spear from the statue. Exit, and enter the right-hand door. Talk to the Moogle to use a Tent and to save your game, or Shop if you wish:

Needle Fork: 3100 Gil
Glass Armlet: 250 Gil
Mythril Gloves: 980 Gil
Steepled Hat: 260 Gil
Headgear: 330 Gil
Magus Hat: 400 Gil
Barbut: 600 Gil
Bronze Vest: 670 Gil
Linen Cuirass: 800 Gil
Potion: 050 Gil
Phoenix Down: 150 Gil
Echo Screen: 050 Gil
Soft: 100 Gil
Antidote: 050 Gil
Eye Drops: 050 Gil
Tent: 800 Gil

Run forward, and open the chest to find a Lightning Staff. You can also buy these items from the next Moogle that comes in: Soft, Hi-Potion, and Ether, all for the super-low price of 333 Gil. Exit the room, and head north, up the stairs. On the next screen, choose all three options, but do the "Leave Her alone" one last. Watch the cinemas, end eventually, you'll reach a boss fight.


Level: 14, HP: 3630
Weak against: None, Spoils: None
AP: N/A, Steal: Chain Plate, Phx. Down, Mythril Sword
This fight starts off slow and easy, but after a few turns of battle, it completely changes pace, since Beatrix begins to pummel your party with physical and magic attacks that can cause over 500 HP of damage, and that's not the maximum amount she can dish out. Be sure you have Vivi equipped with the Lightning Staff, and have Freya equipped with the Mythril Spear you just found earlier, and be sure that Zidane has The Ogre sword, or something very strong. Use plenty of magic against her, like Blizzara, Spear, Reis's Wind, and so on. Use plenty of healing items, but don't worry, you can't die in this fight. Instead, Beatrix will give mercy to your party and leave your last members with 1 HP of health left before ending the fight.

Watch the cinemas and the FMV, then save your game, and switch discs.

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